Happy Haunting

Hello Fright fans and welcome to Second Haunts. Love Halloween? Want to be part of something all year and not just in October? This is the place to explore and engage in Halloween events whether it’s all year or seasonal. We are delighted to see you as a part of our haunted family. We love Halloween and know you do too! Feel free to discover, interact, and collaborate with us to create something unique in Second Life where every day is Halloween.

  • All Applications are open!

    The Second Haunts Horror Tour is a brand new hunt event for this year that we think you will all enjoy very much and the application is open for any who wish to join. If you are interested simply fill out and submit the Second Haunts Horror Tour application by September 15, 2024 as no new applications will be able to be accepted after that date.

    Additionally, the Permanent Haunts List application is open for anyone with a year-round haunt and the Macabre Merchants List application is open to anyone with a store that sells items that are Halloween/Horror themed.

    There are less than 3 months to go until October, so make sure to get those applications in and tell your friends about them too!

    Feel free to contact us directly or through our contact form if you have any questions.

  • Happy 4th of July!

  • Happy Father’s Day!!

    Even if your son comes back to life!

  • The Witch

    Story by Shirley Jackson, read by Huw





  • Happy Memorial Day Weekend

    Remember the fallen!

  • Happy Mother’s Day

    Even from the grave!

  • Halfway to Halloween

    Stories by Shandon!

  • Happy Easter from Second Haunts

    from our family to yours!

  • The power of eggs compels you!

    Easter Bunny vs Regan

  • Leprechaun

    Steal his gold…pay the price!

  • International Women’s Day!

    Dead or Alive!

  • Second Haunts Commercial

    Our first commercial for Second Haunts, created by our good friend Shandon Loring! Excited to have our fans and friends help us grow!

  • You’re Lucky at Second Haunts!

    St. Patrick’s on the way!

  • Instead of a Heart LOL

    Brain Love