About Second Haunts

Second Haunts is a passion project created by Second Life residents that have more than just a seasonal fondness of Halloween. We want to provide residents of Second Life with with a love for all things spooky or scary to find new, exciting, and fun places in-world.

We maintain a list of year-round haunts in Second Life to allow residents to find them easily any time of the year. If you have a year-round haunted location that you think we should add to our list of on the Permanently Haunted Places please feel free to submit it to us using our Permanent Haunt Application.

We also keep a list of merchants that offer a number of Halloween, horror, and macabre items. If you have a store selling such wares and want to be listed on our list of Macabre Merchants then please tell us about your store by using our Macabre Merchant Application.

And for those that enjoy hunts, we also hold the Second Haunts Horror Tour every year during the month of October. Tour participation is open to any locations that fill out the Second Haunts Horror Tour Application and meet the eligibility requirements. The Second Haunts Horror Tour is a fun, and easy way, to find new haunts, shops, and events all around Second Life.

Whether you are into haunted experiences, spooky shops, or Halloween events, we are confident that you will be able to find something to enjoy here. We hope you will have a great time with us and celebrate Halloween in style. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact a member of the Second Haunts Team by using our contact form.

Meet the Second Haunts Team

Laurel Pumpkins

Laurel Pumpkins
Founder, Laurel’s Nightmare Owner, HALLOWEEN 24/7 OF SL Owner

Laurel Pumpkins is the founder and owner of the HALLOWEEN 24/7 OF SL group and runs the Laurel’s Nightmare haunt every year in Second Life. She is a creative person with a passion for all things Halloween! She has been a Second Life resident since May 2009 and her haunt is considered by many to be one of THE “must-visit” locations every October.

Even though she is the Pumpkin Queen, she is very friendly and approachable. She can be reached in Second Life (Laurel Pumpkins), through her in-world group (HALLOWEEN 24/7 OF SL), her discord group (Laurel’s Nightmare), or her facebook group (Second Haunts).

Certified Lunasea

Certified Lunasea (Cert)
Administrator, Scripter, Web Developer, Haunted Nightmare Owner

Certified Lunasea has been a resident of Second Life since September of 2007 and almost immediately took to content creation and scripting. While he can often be found working on some script or other on his build platform in Second Life. When not scripting in Second Life he enjoys learning new and interesting things, exploration, and practicing his trade as a professional website developer.

Don’t let his appearance as a shadow tiger fool you, he is actually very helpful and approachable and can be reached on Second Life (Certified Lunasea) or on Discord (just look for certifiedlunasea).

The Second Haunts team are also the the administrators of the HALLOWEEN 24/7 OF SL in-world group.