Permanently Haunted Places

Below you will find a list of the haunted places we know about in Second Life that exist all year long. If you have a place that is haunted all year long in Second Life please use the Permanent Haunt Application to let us know about it so that we may include it in our list.

  • The Dollhouse Forest (M)
    A creepy place with lots to explore! You’ll find a creepy dollhouse in the middle of the haunted forest, a diner, and more. The dolls appreciate the chance to imitate how humans are supposed to act.
  • Angry Mortuary (M)
    A creepy old victorian mortuary for photography, RP, hangout etc. Just an atmospheric location for all to enjoy. We have interactive educational exhibits of morbid history and collectible freebies.
  • Haunted Mansion Tribute Ride (M)
    Enjoy the original Haunted Mansion Tribute Ride in Second Life. Experience the magic of this unforgettable ride and Second Life Halloween staple. Beware of hitch-hiking ghosts!
  • Castle Dracula: A Gothic Horror Experience (M)
    Explore Castle Dracula in this interactive and immersive experience based on the work of Bram Stoker and other gothic horror classics. Count Dracula welcomes you… It’s going to be a bloody night.
  • The Dreaming Hollow Cemetery (M)
    Welcome to The Dreaming Hollow Cemetery. Explore it and the hidden tombs, ruins, caverns, and arcane sanctuary. Home to Club Midian, a hidden crypt cemetery club. All are welcome.
  • Crixus Carnival of Carnage (A)
    Adult-only Halloween Horror Experience inspired by iconic horror franchises. Spin the Wheel of Deaths and indulge in the twisted carnival games scattered throughout the grounds. Adult avatars only please.
  • Mysterious Manor (M)
    A place that knows how to discover your fears and exploit them. Mysterious Manor… a truly haunted house, or a revolving door to hell? Spend a night… If you dare!
  • HEAVY METAL Haunted Halloween Attraction (A)
    Witches, Ghosts and Clowns Fright the night at our Haunted Halloween attraction. Explore the land and the haunted house, with always something different to see.
  • A Very Viper Halloween (A)
    Can you visit Hell with a clear conscience? Take photos in the hellish atmosphere with things that go bump in the night. Perhaps you’ll find your way to Heaven, or you might get trapped in Purgatory.
  • The Haunted Nightmare (M)
    Beware of the things that go bump in the night while you explore two full regions full of haunted houses, woods, graveyards, and caves.
  • Hounds Horror Show (A)
    Relive the horror movies of your childhood and the fear of the monsters on the screen coming to visit you at night. Beware! Once you visit, the nightmares you had as a child will all be coming back!
  • Haunted Acres (M)
    Ride a coffin through 15 rooms at The Haunted Manor! Enjoy the rides in the Haunted amusement park. Explore the haunted woods. Maybe try your luck on the Killotine? You might survive, but not likely.
  • Zombie Kittens (A)
    The Zombie Kittens store is set in a creepy swamp area and has a directory at the store entrance to direct visitors to various areas, including a creepy carnival, a haunted track w/ rez area, etc.

This list of Permanently Haunted Places is strictly for the convenience of our visitors and is in no way intended to be an endorsement of any of the locations or their content. The list has been randomly ordered with no preference being given to any location.