Second Haunts Horror Tour Timeline

Date of Application through September 15, 2024:
START YOUR GIFT ITEM NOW!!!! Why now?? Because you don’t want to wait until the last minute. Remember that your gift item should be something from your heart that TRULY reflects your location and/or products. Make it spooky, make it scary, make it cute, just make it Halloween! AND START MAKING IT NOW! Don’t wait until the week OF the tour.

Upon Approval:
Put out your sign out when you receive it.

September 15, 2024:
Last day of applications. All applications after this date go into the Fill-ins/Possible next round folder.

September 25, 2024:
SIGNS MUST BE OUT BY THIS DAY. If you haven’t gotten your sign by this point contact a member of the Second Haunts team.

September 16, 2024 through September 20, 2024:
During this time the Second Haunts team will use a scripted object to randomize the location order. Then the hunt objects and instructions for it will be prepared and distributed to all participating locations via scripted delivery system that will only send things to you if you are online, so make sure to log in during this time.

September 30, 2024 By 11:59pm SLT (23:59):
MAKE SURE YOUR HUNT OBJECT IS OUT. If you don’t think that you will be home/awake before starting time, PLEASE put your hunt object out BEFORE you are unavailable. Remember it won’t be active until the tour starts. If you haven’t gotten you hunt object by this point please contact a member of the Second Haunts team.

October 01, 2024 at 12:00AM SLT (00:00) through October 31, 2024 at 11:59PM SLT (23:59):
The Second Haunts Horror Tour is on!

November 01, 2024 at 12:00AM SLT (00:00):
The Second Haunts Horror Tour has ended and your hunt object and sign are now inactive. We encourage you to sell your item in your in-world store or on the Second Life marketplace if you wish. Leaving your past hunt gifts marked somehow as from a hunt (perhaps even set for a lower price than your normally-priced items) and in a way that distinguishes them as previous hunt items (on a shelf, table, etc) is a great way to provide a good deal and is a useful marketing strategy.